February 1, 2008

One Month And A Link Dump

I managed to keep my New Years Resolution (posting to this blog on a regular schedule) for an entire month! I'm really enjoying myself, and this blog has definitely been great in giving my creative and rational sides a collective outlet. I'm also interested in what you all think of it so far. Are the topics interesting to you? Do you think I should write about anything in particular? Let me know what you think of this little experiment up to this point.

In celebration (and partially because of Friday laziness), I leave you with a compilation of interesting links I've stumbled upon in the past few weeks but either thought I couldn't come up with enough for a post, or it didn't fit the overall theme of the blog. Have a good weekend everyone!

  • A leaked UK government document that discusses how the government plans to coerce the people into accepting a National ID project. It has been annotated by a group which is opposed to the ID who are trying to spread it around the net. Interesting reading.

  • Three hours of MTV from 1983. It contains some awesome stuff, and some stuff that is so bad that it's awesome.

  • The Library of Congress put up thousands of photos on Flickr in two sets, news in the 1910s and the 1930s and 40s in color. There's some really interesting pictures in there.

  • Tired of only being able to copy and paste one item at a time? Try out ClipX. It saves all of your copies to a history which you can access by hitting ctrl+shift+v instead of just ctrl+v. This thing is a lifesaver at work.

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