February 8, 2008

If You're Going To Ban Something, At Least Make Sense!

As almost everyone is aware, carrying more than 3oz of a liquid in an individual bottle (one quart-sized bag total allowed) onto an airplane has been forbidden for a while now. While I applaud the TSA for putting up a blog to open up a dialog with the people (or at least make the appearance of it), I have to laugh at their pathetic attempts to continue to try and rationalize this inane policy. I would go into more details about why their tactics are stupid, but it would just piss me off and raise my blood pressure. Plus, others have done a much better and more thorough job of it. So instead of reading a rant by me, read the article for yourself, and then continue on and read the comments and watch how every point is eviscerated by a knowledgeable public. Educate yourself and don't be deceived by the constant fear-mongering that this agency perpetuates.

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Courtney said...

My favorite exchange:

Guy #1: How many angry circus elephants have charged the checkpoints at MSP since 9/11? Obviously, the TSA is deterring those, too.

TSA Shill: Yeah, but there is no evidence that angry circus elephants are wanting to charge TSA checkpoints.

Guy #2: The elephants would leave threats but because their limbs are so big they have trouble using a keyboard or telephone.