January 1, 2008

And We're Off

I've never held much regard for New Year's Resolutions. I'm not sure I've even made one before. I suppose I've always thought that the idea was a little silly. If you're going to resolve to do something, do you really have to wait for an arbitrary date on the Gregorian calendar in order to do so? (Or, if you happen to be a member of the Berber people of North Africa, the older Julian Calendar. I would hate to exclude my Berberian readers in my opening post!) This is the 21st century, people! The age of the internet! Why hang on to an outdated tradition which will be promptly discarded less than a month later once we realize that such idealizations require actual effort on our parts?

Of course, everything above is now pure hypocrisy, as the blog before you is the result of one said New Year's Resolution, an act which apparently dates back to ancient Babylonians and their intentions of returning borrowed farm equipment. The only validation of this theory that I could find online were a couple of personal blogs and webpages, and an article from Tehachapi News, so I'm not entirely sure of the accuracy of this information. However, since I've already remitted all combines and tractors to their respective owners, I don't see how this aspect of the tradition is of any relevence. But I digress...

I have been meaning to write more, but something would always hinder my efforts, whether it be work, a social life, or the myriad other hobbies I attempt to entertain. I attempted to participate in National Novel Writing Month this year, but my efforts stalled sometime in the second week. Whoever decided to make November the month for this personal contest of will definitely has a certain sense of sadism. November has to be the busiest month of the year next to December, and attempting to write a novel on top of preparing for the approaching holiday turmoil as well as attempting to maintain some semblance of productivity at one's place of employment is just ludicrous. For those of you able to accomplish such a feat, I salute your ability to sleep for a mere five minutes in thirty days.

Novel writing does not seem to be the ideal mode of authoring for the erratic life of a married man who spends entirely too much time trapped on the abortion of transportation efficiency that is the Washington DC Beltway. In fact, it doesn't seem to be the ideal mode for a few authors given some of the gems that grace our nation's bookstores1, so I decided that maintaining a blog on a regular basis seemed like a more rational endeavor.

But Matt, you say, you already have an outstanding personal journal as well as a well-respected poker blog. Given your already prolific writing, certainly you can't seriously expect to keep yet another blog! And you would be correct. Sometimes my talents amaze even myself. Unfortunately, the day to day events of my daily life are rather dull, and one can write only so many posts about poker before sounding like a broken record.

In addition, neither of those outlets seem to be the proper venue to discuss the broad range of topics that I expect this blog to cover. And what topics are those, you might ask? Well, I'm certainly glad you did. The answer: I have no idea. Well, that is to say, I have very little idea. I have a few topics mulling around in my head at the moment, but I certainly don't have even a month's worth planned out. The intent right now is to write about things that I think are interesting and will spark the synapses in your brain to make you at least think about what I'm saying, even if it's just "Matt, you're a complete buffoon. Go back to your D-level personal blog and inadequate poker journal and leave the insightful commentaries to the professionals!" If I've accomplished at least that much, then this blog will have been a success.

So now the only problem is maintaining some sort of schedule. Writing every day is certainly too much for me and would be doomed to failure from the start. Remember, this is a New Year's Resolution! This should last at least two weeks to make it look like I tried. I think that an update schedule of three times a week should suffice, and I will attempt to make these updates regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All other days will be spent frantically trying to come up with reasonably intriguing topics.

So, to recap:

  • Return all of your borrowed farm equipment.

  • There should be something interesting here for you to read three times a week. How you survive the other four days is up to you.

  • This is a New Year's Resolution. At some point, without warning, this blog will cease to be updated. I'm sorry, but changing the laws of physics is beyond the scope of this blog.

It promises to be a very interesting 2008! Hopefully I will be able to keep you captivated for at least part of it. Thank you in advance for joining me on what could very well be an extremely short ride!

1 It is left as an exercise to the reader to determine which works are deserving of this author's scorn.


Ryan said...

Here's to an exciting 3 weeks!

(and I should know about not updating blogs)

Matt said...


iamhoff said...

Hmmm. Not updating blogs. Sounds waaay too familiar. GL my friend, and I will be checking up on you.